Loving to Learn
Child Development Center


Welcome to Ms. Bea's Pre-Kindergarten class!
Loving to Learn Child Development Center's Pre-Kindergarten class serves children age 4 through Kindergarten.  The teacher to child ratio in this classroom is 1 to 10.  We are excited to use The Mother Goose Time Curriculum in conjunction with The Creative Curriculum in our Pre-Kindergarten classroom, and encourage our children to explore all areas of their development through sensory, dramatic, creative, and interactive play.  We like to do fun and imaginative themes in this classroom, and encourage the children to engage in the process! Depending on our enrollment, there are times when our Pre-Kindergarten class merges with our Preschool Class! 
Ms. Bea has been with Loving to Learn since 2011.  She has worked in all of our classrooms, and has a special gift for working with our Pre-K and school age children!  Ms. Bea is also our After School Care teacher!  Ms. Bea's desire is to enstill the love of learning and the love of Jesus in all of our children! 
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