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Toddler Classroom

Ms.  Mari
Ms. Alex

Welcome to Ms. Mari &  Ms. Alex's Toddler Classroom!
The Toddler Classroom at Loving to Learn Child Development Center serves children age 12 months through approximately 2 1/2 years.  Children moving on to our preschool classroom depends on their developmental readiness.  The teacher to child ratio in this classroom is 1 to 7.  The center recognizes that energy, independence and curiosity are just some of the characters our toddlers are experiencing.  We at Loving to Learn strive to help develop each child's unique personality and strengths.  The center staff understands the importance of flexibility with toddlers and are prepared to make necessary accommodations for each child as they transition through the developmental stages.  As this is generally the natural potty training stage, the staff will work with each child's parent to maintain consistency during this process!
Ms. Mari has been with Loving to Learn since 2002, she has worked in all of the classrooms and currently loves working with our Toddler's!  Mari is also our Center's Program Manager and oversees each classroom's curriculum. 
Alex has been with Loving to Learn since 2013!  Her niche is with our Toddler's and they love her just as much as she loves them! 


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